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Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Fun- Before and After

Every Friday there will be a game of some kind to play. The answers will be posted on Saturday morning.

These are "before and after" puzzles. They combine two phrases into one by overlapping the middle. For example: "Peter Pan's nemesis who was an efficient angler" would be Captain Hook line and sinker. Now you try it!

The first monarch of Israel who became a missionary from a busy port city.

The largest ship in the Bible that was a gold covered box with cherubim for decorations.

The mother of Jesus who had seven demons driven out of her.

What Joab grabbed when accused of treachery that was built at Mt. Carmel for Elijah

Samson tore this animal in two with his bare hands from Jesus' tribe.

1 comment:

KlayeBlayk said...

1.) I don't know
2.) Ark of Covenant
3.) Mary
4.) The Horn of the Altar
5.) Lion, right?