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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Possible Features at Off the Sanctuary Wall

Let me first explain my worldview. I am an evangelical Christian who believes that we are sinful by nature and separated from God. Jesus Christ, God's only begotten Son, came to earth, fully God and fully man. He died to satisfy God's need for punishment for sin, and rose from the dead in victory over sin, death, and Satan. I believe that anyone who has personal faith in this work of Jesus is saved to eternal life with God.

That said, I believe that the Christian life is both simple and extremely complicated. The Bible may have all the answers, but we often aren't asking the right questions. Some parts are just plain difficult.

I want to write about all of these things here. I will be happy for any discussion, but will delete in a flash any comments that are simply name calling or derogatory.

Why am I starting another blog? Well, my own faith could use a little exercise. If I write about some of these topics it will force me to think about them anew, more, differently, etc. I've been filling notebooks with some of these ideas and questions for years. Why not share my thoughts?

Possible Regular Features:

Off the Wall- These will be articles that are definitely out of the mainstream of Christian thinking. I just like to explore ideas that don't lead me into conclusions that are in direct conflict with the basics of Biblical Christianity.

Gospel Enigmas- Jesus said and did some very strange things! The more I read the Gospels, the less I understand them. This will mostly be just thought-provoking questions.

Eco-Day- I have taught a number of seminars on Christians and ecology and environmentalism. I'll post tidbits from these occasionally.

World View- This will be more philosophical. What is a world view? Who has one? Does it matter?

Random Rant- Every once in a while I'll just have an ax to grind.

Devotions- There will be an occasional traditional devotional thought.

Reflections- Sometimes I'll simply reflect on life, from a Christian standpoint.

Mind of God- I have a notebook full of thoughts on "How to Know the Mind of God." My idea has always been that some day it would be a book. Perhaps posting some of my notes here will clarify the thoughts into a cohesive whole.


Name Game- Every Saturday one person from Scripture will be featured.


Classic Lyrics- Every Sunday the lyrics from some great piece of Christian music will be featured. It's not that I want worship to revert to using all hymns, it's just that many modern Christian songs don't SAY anything. I really miss some deeper meaning. So I'm going to remind us of some great words.

I doubt that I'll be posting to this blog every day, but here goes...

P.S. The formatting on this template is wonky- the line breaks are not working correctly... trying to figure that out.

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vanilla said...

I like that you are doing this. I'm along for the adventure.