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Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday Fun- Quiz Yourself

Every Friday there will be a Bible game of some kind to play. The answers will be posted on Saturday morning. Today, it's a matching quiz. The theme is Siblings. Match the person in the first column with a sibling of theirs from the second column.

1. Moses

2. Martha

3. Reuben

4. David

5. James

6. Abraham

7. Rachel

8. Shem

9. Mahlon

10. Jacob

A. Esau

B. Sarah

C. Abinadab

D. John

E. Dinah

F. Kilion

G. Japheth

H. Miriam

I. Lazarus

J. Leah

1 comment:

Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

You stumped me here. I keep thinking Abraham and Sarah go together, but that was his wife, not his sister. He did lie though and say she was his sister once. Is this a tricky one?

The ones I don't know are Mahlon and Reuben. I'm guessing Mahlon goes to Killion.